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WSUS Server unable to obtain updates

If a WSUS server fails to obtain updates with the following error: “wsus the request failed with http status 404 not found” this might be because it still uses an old/outdated URL (https://fe2.update.microsoft.com/v6) to obtain the updates from.

This can be checked and changed with the following PS1 Snippet:

$server = Get-WsusServer
$config = $server.GetConfiguration()
# Check current settings before you change them 
# Update the settings if MUUrl is https://fe2.update.microsoft.com/v6
$config.MUUrl = "https://sws.update.microsoft.com"
$config.RedirectorChangeNumber = 4002
Restart-Service *Wsus* -v

VMware 6.0 vCenter Webclient blank section in the middle (blank middle frame) – VSAN Health Plugin

It seems that the VSAN Health Plugin could break the vCenter webclient if it’s not installed correctly. After installing the MSI-Packge on the Windows vCenter server and logging in via the web client everything seemed ok at the begining, but after selectin the datacenter, a cluster or a host/vm the middle section whoich sould display dietalled informatons about the selected property did not load and stayed blank.

After some searching I found an interssting VMware KB-article which described my problem. My vCenter looked like the screenshoot in the below article.


It seems that I made the mistake and installed the VSAN health plugin as a domain admin – and that just does not work.  After uninstalling the plugin, restarting the vCenter, logging in as a local admin, starting a command prompt with admin priviliged and restarting the installation again, it woked fine.


BTW. in the new VSAN health plugin releases VMware fixed the DRS-dependency and now its possible to also install the plugin without activated DRS.  🙂

Before you had to install the Plugin while your system had the evaluation licens where you could activate DRS. If you use a license like  Essentials Plus + VSAN that could be a real problem.

Display php-errors

Mostly the following PHP.ini settings are enough to make php display errors in a production environement where error_reporting & display_errors are disabled in the PHP.ini.

ini_set('display_startup_errors', 'On');
ini_set('display_errors', 'On');
ini_set('html_errors ', 'On');
ini_set('log_errors  ', 'On');
ini_set('error_reporting', 'E_ALL & ~E_NOTICE');

But in some cases there will not be an error message displayed. The only solution I found was to enable the dispaly_errors in the php.ini.
To avoid setting this aparameter globally it could also be set in the conf-file for the virtual host which worked for me pritty fine.

<VirtualHost <hostname>:<port>>
        php_value display_errors On